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Summer Daring to Rest Series

  • Radiant Wellness Solutions 111 West Montgomery Street Creston, IA, 50801 United States (map)

Yoga nidra meditation is “yogic sleep.” Through a series of guided instructions the body is led into a state of supreme relaxation where the unconscious and subconscious mind awaken, opening the potential for deep healing. You get to lie down the whole time. Initially, yoga nidra feels like a really nourishing nap, but
ultimately the intention of yoga nidra is to liberate a person from suffering.

Forty-five minutes of yoga nidra meditation feels like three hours of
sleep in the body.

Key Benefits
• D A R I N G T O R E S T •
Minimizes tension and counteracts stress
A person is guided to delta and theta brainwaves, and as a result
experiences the deepest state of relaxation
Improves sleep and reduces insomnia
Reduces chronic pain
Reduces pre-menstrual syndrome
Awakens creativity
Enhances memory and learning capacity
Clears up negative emotions, thoughts and habits
Brings more joy to a person's life - plants the seeds for positive
personal growth.

Michelle Wilson is a trained Daring to Rest facilitator, experienced in guiding students through this sleep-based meditation program with positive results.

Cost for the 6-week series is $90 and includes classes and access to audio recording to practice at home. Click here to register.