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Building a healthier, happier workforce

Customized seminars for leadership and staff


Wellness in the Workplace

Michelle Wilson is a certified worksite wellness specialist, certified health coach, and experienced workshop facilitator. Michelle has over 15 years of experience in employment services and program management. She has partnered with businesses and community organizations to design customized programs, resulting in improved employee morale, wellness, and staff retention. Her personalized wellness seminars are suitable for both leadership and front-line staff.

Seminar Offerings

Workplace Happiness Team Building

Work-Life Balance Green Zone: Optimize Your Mindset

Mindfulness in the Workplace Office Yoga

Stress Management Laugh & Learn

Next-Level Leadership Happy, Healthy Holidays

Wellness Foundations Say Good-Bye to the Sugar Blues

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wellness solutions for your business or organization.


“I loved Michelle’s positive energy. I have practical strategies that I am taking back to my team. I would definitely recommend this seminar to others.”

—Workplace Happiness Workshop Attendee

“Michelle is a great presenter. Great ideas and realistic ways to take new steps.”

—Work-Life Balance Workshop Attendee